Our experience in prosthetics and orthotics spans over fifty years. Our history has enabled us to design, manage, consult and collaborate with medical thought leaders of various specialties and patient advocates throughout the Texas and the world.

With more than five decades of driving change, being responsive to our patients and clients alike, and establishing a record of success, CPO has been committed to improving the well-being of patient’s prosthetic and orthotic needs.

We take a personable approach to know our patients, to understand our patient’s individual needs, expectations, and emotions. We want our patients to be prepared to make difficult choices, to be confident in pursuing the strategies they choose and to be more likely to achieve the outcomes that they desire. We understand the importance and the nature of the practitioner-patient relationship. We understand that each patient is different and presents with a unique set of needs. As such, we develop strong interpersonal bonds with our patients.

We do this by:

  • Fostering respect
  • Being honest
  • Actively listening
  • Providing education and support
  • Upholding patient dignity
  • Communicating clearly and thoroughly
  • Staying focused and following up

The most crucial element of a prosthetic or orthotic solution is how the device fits. It is imperative to us that each prosthetic and orthotic solution is designed accurately to assure that it not only meets its’ intended purpose but is adjusted to each individual’s specific comfort level. Most orthotic and prosthetic solutions will enable a person to function; however, at CARE our priority is to take the necessary time to listen and to meet each patient’s unique needs and expectations. We craft our prosthetic and orthotic solutions to give our patients the highest level of comfort which directly correlates to performance and usefulness.

Our custom made prosthetics and orthotics are manufactured within our on-site fabrication lab. Having the onsite fabrication lab allows the technical staff and the practitioners to maintain strict quality control throughout each step of the manufacturing process. Our onsite lab provides our practitioners with immediate feedback on their adjustments, increases opportunities for patient access and provides an interactive learning opportunity for patients.

When it comes to providing a patient with a prosthetic or an orthotic solution, physicians can benefit from CPO’s expertise in implementing and in promoting a comprehensive program that includes consulting, reporting, ongoing management and continuous improvement. This program requires minimal effort from the referring practice and relieves referring benefits administrators from the burden of repeat program administration.

Our reward comes when we succeed in giving our patients the ability to increase their quality of life by offering them individualized choices, continued patient education and life changing solutions.