Healthcare Professionals

CARE Prosthetics & Orthotics is a state of the art prosthetic and orthotic company. We understand that knowing your patients’ names and understanding their goals to uncover their potential is vital to improving your patients’ outcomes. We greet your patients with a customer service team of medical billing staff, prosthetists, orthotists, technicians, HIPPA compliant clinical areas and an on-site central fabrication lab. CPO provides a comprehensive approach to address your patient’s orthotic and prosthetic continuum of care. From consultation to definitive fitting, we look for opportunities to exceed patients’ expectations.

Our goal is to turn this lifesaving procedure into a positive result for the patient. We will work with the patient and their medical team of physicians, case managers, social workers, and therapists to:

  • Help ensure that our comprehensive treatment does not end with the lifesaving amputation but, with the restoration of each amputee to their full potential within their homes and communities
  • Facilitate optimal results and to explain both the successes and challenges.

The CARE team will be available at each stage of patient care and will visit the patient in the hospital as needed (pre amputation or inpatient). After discharge, we will see the patient at our office (between your visits) and refer back to you during the healing process as needed. The CARE approach is not just about supplying prosthetic solutions and orthotic devices. Our focus is on implementing an innovative approach to care that can serve as a model for improving patient’s experience and maximizing their potential.

CPO also provides off the shelf orthotic solutions; however, manufacturing highly customized and scalable prosthetic and orthotic devices on-site in our central fabrication lab to meet the changing needs of your patients is what makes CPO unique. We’re always thinking ahead—both today and into the future. Our focus is offering fabrication and fitting that respects and responds to the individual patient’s functional and biomechanical needs. Our central fabrication lab, which is an in house amenity, allows us to maintain strict quality control throughout every step of the manufacturing process. The onsite lab gives us the ability to make prosthetic and orthotic modifications, to make repairs and to get immediate patient performance feedback.

With the rising cost of healthcare, lowering of medical reimbursements and lengthening of managed care approval processes, the CPO approach refines the billing process to ensure that denials and/or requests for additional information are handled quickly and efficiently. We strongly advocate for patient access to funding through our involvement with state agencies and managed care providers. We are here to make a difference for your patients and partner with your office through:

  • communication
  • making ourselves available to your patients
  • follow up with your practice
  • sharing clinical outcomes

We see serving your patients as a privilege and as a dedicated partnership. We understand that our success in fabricating and fitting prosthetic and orthotic devices for your patients impacts your reputation.

There will be an opportunity to record and report the results obtained through the innovative collaboration of CARE with you. We are committed to communicate and work closely with you and your staff, as you see fit, to identify a system of evaluation and reporting that will quantify the improvements to patient care that are attained through our collaborative approach. This will allow patients (and payers) to understand the benefit of our partnership when orthotics and amputation(s) must be considered.